Enhancement to Pre-population of ROS Form 11

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Revenue eBrief 20/11 announced the availability of a facility to obtain a pre-populated ROS Form 11. A ROS release over the weekend of the 12/13 May has made a couple of enhancements to this facility.

Payments received from the Department of Social Protection.

Information on payments received from the Department of Social Protection (DSP) in the year 2011 will be made available where this information has been received from the Department. The nature of the payment and the amount received (either a weekly or annual amount) will appear in a table above the entry fields for DSP payments in the Form 11.

As is the case with Pay and Tax details provided from employers P35s, these amounts do not form part of the return; they are a prompt to remind the customer of the presence of this income. The Customer must enter the total amount received in the year 2011 in the relevant field in the ROS return.

These figures are informational only and do not form part of the return. Situations may arise where a customer is in receipt of a DSP payment which does not appear on the list, or possibly is not in receipt of a payment despite it appearing on the list. It is the responsibility of the customer or their agent to return the correct amount in the Form 11. If it is felt necessary, a note advising of the difference can made in the Additional Notes field in the Personal Details screen.

Customer’s Revenue Offices do not have access to the source of these figures and are not in a position to clarify amounts. Any queries regarding amounts appearing in this table should be clarified with the customer.

Refund of PAYE tax overpaid made in 2011

Where a refund of income tax was made through the PAYE system in 2011, this will appear in the appropriate field in the PAYE/BIK/Pensions panel.

Pre-populated Form 11 – reminder regarding Pay and Tax information.

As mentioned above, Pay and Tax details provided in a pre-populated ROS Form 11 do not form part of the tax return. They are a prompt to remind customers of the presence of employment / pension income earned in the year. The relevant figures must be entered in the appropriate field in the Form 11.